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I’ve been neglecting my blog. It’s not that I don’t want to blog, it’s simply a matter of time. I’m on the road almost constantly. This past week, I visited five states, talking to all kinds of people, Methodists, Episcopalians, Catholics, students, activists, lawyers, community groups. I love doing this. Together with writing and connecting with people who are hurting, it is my passion.

But I want to connect with you, too; you who cannot make it to my talks; and you who enjoy connecting online. So I’m sorry I haven’t had time for my blog.

Now, though, I think I’ve found a way to stay in contact with you while I’m on the road, when I can’t find time to write a full blog post. It’s a little thing called Twitter. Twitter is blogging for the hard pressed. It restricts you to 140 characters - characters, not words! - for each post, and let me tell you, that’s quite a restriction for a talker like me.

The great thing about Twitter is that I can do it quickly, even when I’m on the road or about to board a plane or in a hotel. If I don’t have my computer with me, I call up my friend, Rose, and she types in my tweets - that’s what they call it when you use Twitter - she types in my tweets for me and lets me know if anyone responds.

Rose is the one who introduced me to Twitter. She’s a good friend and colleague who manages the online side of my life and all the technology we use at the Death Penalty Discourse Network. She has her own blog, too, where she talks in terms even I can understand about how to use computers. Rose and I talk most days, and so turning those talks into tweets is a natural extension of what we do.

In fact, I’ve found that tweeting helps me organize my thoughts and take note of events and ideas as they happen during the day, and because I can put my tweets online it’s a way for me to share those things with you.

So from now on, each day I’ll put a list of all my tweets for that day into a post called “What I’ve been thinking and doing” here on my blog. You’ll also be able to see my very latest tweets in the Currently list on the left. Or, if you prefer, you can follow me directly on Twitter. That way you’ll get my tweets as I utter them and I’ll be able to follow you, too.


  1. Dear Sister Helen,

    On your official website I read you’re coming to London, UK in October. Will you be there for a lecture? Would love to see you there because you inspire me so much to do the right thing. My two penpals on the row are so grateful for the spiritual advice I give them. All because of you.

    Warmest regards,

  2. Dear Monica,

    I will be attending the 20th anniversary of Life Lines (http://www.lifelines-uk.org/), the wonderful British group that supports prisoners on death row here in the US through writing letters. I’ll also be going to Northern Ireland.

    We’ve just begun making these arrangements. I’ll write another post when I have more details.

    Thank you for what you do for your penpals on death row. Human contact is so limited for these people, so your letters are a godsend.


    Sister Helen

  3. Dear Sister Helen,

    Thank you so much for responding to me. I will definitely be there when you come to London so I’m looking forward to the details. I have a London friend whose soon-to-be husband is on death row. I have asked her to join me to the event. Awaiting her response.

    Sister Helen, may I write you a personal letter some time to share some experiences? You don’t have to return a letter to me (I know you’re busy!).


  4. Helen,

    Nice to be hearing you “twitter”. I had the same idea about putting a feed to my twitters on my blog, so when I’m too busy to make a blog entry, folks will at least know I’m alive and kicking.

    Love, Sandy, csj

  5. Hi Helen,

    Just happened upon your site. . .
    Do I dare say to you, I’m looking for a mission?
    Will be in NOLA May 6, 7, 8, 9 to attend an Alzheimers meeting with my friend Sister Kateri (Marionite) who works at Our Lady of Wisdom Nursing Home. Will be staying with her on Westbank.
    Would love to see you, hear you, touch basis with you, whatever!
    Was this an accident that I stumbled on this site???


  6. Helen
    Have no idea what else I should do to contact you.
    Left a message on your blog but nothing seemed to happen. If you get this, please respond.

    Joanna, MJ

  7. Dear Sister Helen

    I am a christian and live in the UK. For a while I have been thinking of writing to a Death Row Penpal. Today I decided to stop thinking and start doing. I know you are very busy but has I am very new to this and it is your vocation, I was wondering if you could reccommend some websites and also on tips when writing to prisoners.

    love and prayers



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