I wanted to share with you this letter from Nigel Baldwin, in the UK:

Dear Sister Helen,

As a long standing admirer of your ministry to death row prisoners, I’m also aware of the help you give to victims of senseless violence through a group called ‘Survive’. In that vein, I’d like to ask your prayers for the family of Jimmy Mizen, a 16 year old boy from the South of London who died after a shard of glass was thrown at him in a baker’s shop last year to this day - a senseless act of violence.

Jimmy’s assailant, Jake Fahri aged 19 was jailed for a minimum term of 14 years a month ago. In my newspaper today, Jimmy’s parents Margaret and Barry Mizen were quoted as saying that they wouldn’t want the death penalty for Jake Fahri, as that would only plunge his family into grief too. Margaret and Barry (both Catholics as their son was) have set up a memorial for their son, whose Website address is http://www.jimmymizen.org, dedicated to non-violence and peace.

Margaret and Barry are on a long hard road in coming to terms with their loss. Of your goodness please join your prayers, with mine, for them.

Thank you very much,

Nigel Baldwin

I grieve for Jimmy’s family. I honor them, too. Turning such a terrible experience into something inspirational, as Margaret and Barry Mizen are doing, is an extraordinary act of courage and love.

I know they can do with your prayers and thoughts. I also encourage you to visit the Jimmy Mizen Foundation; its mission, to “promote the good in young people”, is a wonderful tribute to their beloved son.