About the Ministry Against the Death Penalty

Ministry Against the Death Penalty logoMission Statement

The Ministry Against the Death Penalty (MADP) works to end capital punishment by fostering creative, reflective and educational programs that awaken hearts and minds, inspire social change, and strengthen our democracy’s commitment to human rights.


Our mission is founded on a set of core values and beliefs:

  • We are compelled by the compassion of Jesus and his strong expression of mercy and justice to stand side by side with those who are outcasts in our society.
  • We believe in the dignity and rights of all persons and recognize that government-sanctioned killing and the practice of torture is a violation of those rights and a denial of human dignity.
  • We believe capital punishment is never an appropriate solution for any crime.
  • We believe the death penalty causes harm to all those affected by it, including victims’ families and prison officers as well as the condemned and their families.
  • We are committed to promoting compassionate alternatives to the death penalty, including restorative justice and funding for victims’ services.
  • We believe that the criminal justice system in the United States disproportionately affects poor people and people of color. We believe that prison reform and the abolition of capital punishment will support necessary systemic change.
  • We believe that respectful discourse and critical reflection encourage individuals to become more active, engaged citizens.