Over Yonder (Jonathan’s Song)

Sister Helen's Justice Train Playlist   The warden said he’d mail my letterThe chaplain’s waitin’ by the doorTonight we’ll cross the yard togetherThen they can’t hurt me anymore I am going over yonderWhere no ghost can follow...

Power of the People

Sister Helen's Justice Train Playlist Getting beyond myself to help my brother out Tell me a way that I can start to see past the lies and break down the walls to realize another way. How can I be afraid when my sister is bleeding out. Hiding behind the lies my...

DOJ’s Planned Resumption of Federal Executions

For decades we have been gradually shutting down the machinery of death until it is rarely used, a geographical freak practiced by outlier counties. And now, here we have the federal government revving up the death machine.

California Moratorium on Executions

Pope Francis is building on opposition to the death penalty that began with Pope John Paul II, who spoke about the dignity of guilty life as well as innocent life and described executions as cruel and unnecessary. I’ve been glad to play a part in these developments.

No Hard Feelings

Sister Helen's Justice Train Playlist When my body won’t hold me anymore And it finally lets me free Will I be ready? When my feet won’t walk another mile And my lips give their last kiss goodbye Will my hands be steady? When I lay down my fears My...