spark_loyolaAlthough I live in New Orleans it’s not often I have a chance to give a talk there, so I’m delighted that later on this month I’ll be home and talking about Christians as Catalysts Against the Death Penalty.

While I’ve been traveling the country I’ve been sensing the changing shifts in the Catholic community, a tide rising against the death penalty. At the same time, I’ve seen Christians in general and, indeed, people of all faiths doing important, determined work to create a country-wide shift towards abolition. I believe we are moving much closer to that national shift. The signs are good, our movement is growing, the once-strong fervor for the death penalty is on the wane. Still, there’s much work to be done to make this the tipping point.

If you’re in New Orleans I invite you to join me for a night when we think about those tipping point possibilities:

When: 7pm Tuesday January 22nd
Where: Roussel Hall, Loyola University, New Orleans.