Sister Helen Prejean speaking

Pull the Plug on the Death Penalty!

It’s time we pulled the plug on a system that’s irredeemably flawed. It’s time we pulled the plug on the funding of costly executions. It’s time we pulled the plug on this barbaric practice altogether.

And so I invite you to contribute to the Ministry Against the Death Penalty’s Pull-the-Plug Fund.

This fund will enable us to continue our work on all fronts. You can help us to change hearts and minds throughout the country by bringing Dead Man Walking into libraries, schools, and communities, by supporting my talks, and spreading the word about our newsletter, Death Penalty Discourse (there’s a sign-up box on the right). Your donations will boost our social media campaigns that provide a voice for people on death row, for their families and for the families of victims, who all suffer through the death penalty. And your donations will help us to expand the use of my archives, housed at DePaul University, encouraging communities to connect to my letters, photographs, and artifacts from decades of work against the death penalty.

Will you contribute to our Pull-the-Plug Fund and help us in this work?

A little lagniappe

I’m offering a little lagniappe (that’s Louisianan for “bonus”) to anyone who donates $1,000 or more to my work. If you do so, I’ll send you a copy of selected excerpts from my yet-to-be-published memoir, River of Fire. I’ve been working on this book for several years now, writing in the summertime when I take a break from giving talks around the country. You might think of it as the prequel to Dead Man Walking. It’s been fascinating digging into my past and examining the road that led me to dedicate my life to working for social justice. This is your chance to get a look at some good snippets from the book well before anyone else. (You’ll need to have a little patience to receive this reward – I won’t have a chance to choose the excerpts until I take my summer break.)

Whether you donate $5000 or $5, I thank you for joining me on this journey and being a part of our effort to end the death penalty.





Yes! I want to help pull the plug on executions!


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