From Grace:

Sister Helen, I read with interest and relief your posting on Facebook this morning, and your offer to answer any questions and need for advice concerning our feelings during these dark times.

Sometimes I feel so depressed and despondent. But I have to tell myself, OK let yourself be down for a day, and then get back to work. Because I believe that speaking out loudly and clearly is one of the most important things we can do. I believe this is happening all over the country and I take heart at that.

Here in Columbus, Ohio, we have a “resistance letter writing group”. Since the inauguration we have written 40-45 letters to our Ohio senators and congressmen, some cabinet heads, the governor, the president, and others in this administration. We have covered such topics as immigration reform, abuse of human rights, education, gun control, tax reform, budget cuts, healthcare, protection of the environment, and so on. We have 50 signatories from area codes all around central Ohio. Some of us believe we will have no impact because those in power have no intention of listening, let alone changing. But we keep plugging away. The majority of us are Catholic, so we push the points of Catholic Social teaching as much as we can. But it is most surely an uphill climb, and every day brings a new abomination. Unbelievable, remarkable, what can I say.

My question is, I am afraid of falling into the hateful attitudes that the president has initiated. Sometimes I say to myself and to God, forgive me, I hate these people. I don’t want to be this way. I want to always remember that redemption is for everyone, everyone has divinity in him/her, all are children of the creator. Sometimes it is easier for me to bond with and trust people of other faith traditions because I do not trust or bond with fellow Christians. It’s “them and us” and I don’t like that feeling.

Ah well, that doesn’t keep us from speaking out. We are all called to be prophets and speak the truth to those in authority. Even though we may not see good results, we are still compelled to do it. So, thank you for letting me vent. I so much appreciate your holy work.