Free copies of Dead Man Walking

for Catholic Schools and Catholic communities in Louisiana

As part of the Louisiana Repeal Campaign, the Ministry Against the Death Penalty (MADP) is providing grants for Louisiana schools and Catholic communities to purchase copies of Sister Helen Prejean’s Dead Man Walking.

If you’re interested in either of these programs, contact MADP’s director, Elizabeth Ryan. She will help you with your request. We are flexible with these grants, so we may be able to tailor the grant to your needs.

For those interested in repealing Louisiana’s death penalty, Louisiana Repeal has a page devoted to action Catholics can take.

Schools program

To learn about the free books program for Catholic schools, click the flyer on this page.

Schools that take advantage of a book grant are encouraged to set up a Zoom discussion with Sister Helen Prejean after the class has read the book. For more information, email us.


Grants for teachers

Catholic communities program

Catholic communities - whether it’s your local Parish, a Bible study group, or any other Louisiana-based Catholic group - are also eligible for a grant to buy copies of Dead Man Walking. The grants are available for groups of 12 people or more. Take a look at the flyer on this page to learn more.

Grants for Catholic communities