GiveNOLA 2022 Tracker

Tracking donations from all sources on GiveNOLA Day

GiveNOLA 2022 Tracker

There are just two days, one in May and one in November, that we ask you for donations to help our work. Today is one of those days - GiveNOLA 2022.

Let’s see if we can swoosh past our current goal of $33,000.

Great start
Getting close!
Push time!

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[grdi_pie_chart title=”Donations from all sources” description=”On GiveNOLA Day, not everyone donates via the GiveNOLA site. Some come here to Sister Helen’s website to donate, while others let us know they’ve popped a check in the mail for GiveNOLA campaign. Here’s a complete breakdown of our GiveNOLA donations from all quarters.” chart_id=”givenola22″ chart_height=”400″ toolbar=”false” chart_title=”Where the donations come from:” chart_title_fontsize=”13px” chart_title_color=”#686868″ tooltip=”false” data_label=”true” datalabel_fontsize=”17px” datalabel_label_postfix=”%” datalabel_showbg=”true” datalabel_bodercolor=”RGBA(255,255,255,0)” lenend_fontsize=”18px” element_count=”3″ category=”,, checks via mail” data_element_name=”20468,2800,10000″ _builder_version=”4.17.1″ _module_preset=”default” _unique_id=”d8bad4f9-8c90-4ff4-989a-871774f609fa” hover_enabled=”0″ box_shadow_style=”preset1″ global_colors_info=”{}” sticky_enabled=”0″][/grdi_pie_chart]
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