From Ed:

I try to understand what’s going on in a less emotional way, put it in context. Sometimes it looks worse.

While I agree with you and so many others on issues of life and human dignity, and even ran for Congress on these at my own expense, I so often see support for abortion tied to human rights, and recent writers have included abortion itself as “pro life.” It’s a bit odd to me to be against capital punishment and yet be in favor of executing the children of the poor. It was hard to overcome the institution of slavery, it will be hard to end capital punishment, but this new institution is proving as strong.

I find this the most discouraging thing of all, that those who respect the lives even of murderers, as I do, also support abortion through to birth.

I simply move forward the best I can. I try to communicate, to be rational, to attribute good motives to some where I can. I “put no trust in princes,” not expecting the rich and powerful to be ethical, regardless of party or ideology.

I know what it is to be hated for irrational reasons, based on surface characteristics. I’ve survived it and now that I’m old, I only have to hold on a little longer. I don’t expect anything good from anyone but myself, and I’ve found my own duty challenging enough.

Lastly, while I need to honestly assess the situation, I think judgment is exhausting, and most people I see replying on the current situation judge very harshly. I’d rather just work the issues than judge the people, but I’m still judging sometimes.

In the end, I accept my limitations and do what I can. I don’t need to be God, and that’s a relief.