Let's repeal the death penalty in Louisiana

The Ministry Against the Death Penalty is working closely with LA Repeal and Catholic groups throughout Louisiana to make a real push to end the death penalty in our state. This can’t happen without the active engagement of Louisiana citizens. It’s particularly important that our legislators hear our combined voices raised in opposition to state-sanctioned killing in Louisiana.

Want to help? Here are actions you can take.

Actions for Repeal

Contact your legislator

Contact your legislator and urge them to end the death penalty. Your voice really matters.

Sign the pledge

LA Repeal is the central organizing point for the push to end the death penalty in Louisiana. Visit its site, sign the pledge “I want to see Louisiana Repeal the death penalty!”, and learn more about how the death penalty in our state is irreparably broken.

Spread the word with a video

Get the word out via social media by creating a very short video. We’ve created a guide you can use to create your video. Share it with #larepeal and send it to us so we can share it, too.

All you need to know is in the video guide.

Get together to read

Read Sister Helen Prejean’s Dead Man Walking, the book which has helped educate and change hearts and minds for almost three decades. Buy copies in your local bookstore or order online from Amazon.

Grants to buy copies of the book are available to  Catholic teachers and communities throughout Louisiana.

Do a Zoom classroom

Teachers - invite Sister Helen to a Zoom discussion with your class, for a one-time visit or to participate in a teaching module on Dead Man Walking and Human Rights, available to all schools.

Engage with Louisiana Catholics

Explore options for concerted Catholic action for repeal.

Watch the video: Race and the death penalty - inextricably linked

Most people think the death penalty is reserved for the “worst of the worst” crimes. That’s not the case and it never has been the case.

Listen to Sister Helen Prejan and Cheryllyn Branche talk about the role of race in the creation of Louisiana’s criminal justice system.