• I’ve been reading the Mother Jones article Am I a Torturer? Becomes more important to read with each passing day. http://tinyurl.com/2oucjw #
  • Two-thirds of the US public support the idea of torturing suspected terrorists. #
  • Does anyone see a connection between the death penalty and this attitude towards torture? #
  • @sisterj Yes, it’s all about dehumanizing. Defining someone as “other” or not “fully human” so we can redefine “moral behavior” in relation. #
  • I think about those on death row, sitting in a cell for 15-20 years waiting to be killed. The anticipation. Is this not torture? #
  • Is the death penalty torture? And, if so, does our support for it provide a climate for the acceptance of torture of anyone? #
  • @rachelannyes I believe he talks about the same dehumanization, doesn’t he? That seems to be a key factor in abandoning our own morality. #
  • @barrioflores It was a great weekend. Gave me hope. #
  • Just talked to 1000 Jesuit high school boys in Sacramento. Great audience. They were on their feet at the end. Now heading home to NOLA. #