New Play Project websiteSteven Crimaldi, the new coordinator for the Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project (around the office we call it the Play Project), has been working on beefing up the Project’s online presence. As part of that, he’s enlisted the help of a fine web designer who has given the Play Project’s website a whole new look. There’s still a bit of work to do to iron out the bugs, but so far I think it’s looking great.

The Play Project is entering its sixth year. Participating in the Project is a wonderful way for young people to reflect on a deeply moral issue and at the same time to experience the power of the arts to illuminate the big questions of our day. Participating schools are required to involve more than simply the drama department, and are encouraged to get their broader community involved as well. If you’d like to see your local college or school involved in this transforming project, you’ll find plenty of information about it on the website. So take a look at and see what you think.