The warden said he’d mail my letter
The chaplain’s waitin’ by the door
Tonight we’ll cross the yard together
Then they can’t hurt me anymore

I am going over yonder
Where no ghost can follow me
There’s another place beyond here
Where i’ll be free I believe

Give my radio to johnson
Thibodeaux can have my fan
Send my bible home to mama
Call her every now and then

I suppose I got it comin’
I can’t ever pay enough
All my rippin’ and a runnin’
I hurt everyone I loved

The world’ll turn around without me
The sun’ll come up in the east
Shinin’ down on all of them that hate me
I hope my goin’ brings ’em peace

Mandola: David Steele
Masterer: Hank Williams
Bass: Kelley Looney
Assistant Engineer: Patrick Earle
Mixer, Recorded by: Ray Kennedy
Acoustic Guitar: Steve Earle
Harmonica, Vocals: Steve Earle
Mixer, Producer: The Twangtrust
Drums, Percussion: Will Rigby
Writer: Steve Earle

Why this song?

This is probably the best song I have ever heard about someone facing death on death row, and Steve Earle has written several. It is one of Steve Earle’s most beautiful and heartfelt songs and details Jonathan Wayne Nobles’ final day on the day of his execution. Steve had befriended Jonathan 10 years earlier and met him one month before his death and witnessed his execution. The song lyrics are incredible in their ability to humanize someone society considers not worthy of life. - Adam

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