The following statement was dictated to me by phone by Richard Glossip from his death watch cell in McAlester, Oklahoma, on Jan. 22, 2015:

“My name is Richard Glossip. I’m coming to you today to let you know that on Jan. 29, 2015, the State of Oklahoma is going to execute me - and that they will be executing an innocent man.  I’m asking that everyone please stand up and help me to stop this injustice from happening.  I’m pleading with Gov. Mary Fallin to please grant me a 60-day reprieve, which is in her power, so that my attorneys can put a case together to bring directly to her so she can see for herself all the facts of my case and not just some of them, and so I can prove to her my innocence.

“Please Gov. Fallin – give me that chance.  Wouldn’t it be worth at least a 60-day reprieve to prevent an innocent man’s death? Please listen to the thousands of people who have signed my petition asking you to stop this. I’m asking Justin Sneed once again to come forward to help stop this before it’s too late. I want to thank Sister Helen Prejean and everybody else for all their help.

“I ask all of you to do these three things:

  • Call Gov. Fallin at 405-521-2342
  • Sign my petition at
  • Share this information with others as widely as you can.

Thank you.”

– Richard Eugene Glossip