Richard Glossip Needs Our Help

And time is of the essence

There are two bills in the Oklahoma House Judiciary Committee that are important to Rich’s case. The prosecutor has crucial evidence which was never produced. These bills would free him to release this evidence to Rich’s lawyers.

Please contact the members of the judiciary committee, especially Chairman Rande Worthen, and let them know that:

  • House Bill 2219 (Disclosure of Evidence After Conviction), and
  • House Bill 2220 (Prosecutor Conduct Review Panel)

are important pieces of legislation that must move out of the committee so they can be heard on the floor of the House of Representatives. The judiciary committee has the chance to kill these bills without a hearing.

We can’t let that happen!

Please contact Chairman Worthen and the other committee members and POLITELY ask them to move House Bills 2219 and 2220 out of the committee and to the House of Representatives where they can be heard.

For more case information, please visit the Save Richard Glossip site and follow his story at:

Judiciary Committee Members

Name                          Phone                         Email                                         

Rande Worthen          (405) 557-7398 

Gerrid Kendrix            (405) 557-7369 

Carol Bush                   (405) 557-7359 

Jose Cruz                     (405) 557-7397 

Ross Ford                    (405) 557-7347 

Jason Lowe                 (405) 557-7367 

Stan May                     (405) 557-7338 

Lonnie Sims                (405) 557-7340 

Danny Sterling            (405) 557-7349 

Judd Strom                  (405) 557-7402 


Getting beyond myself to help my brother out

Tell me a way that I can start to see past the lies

and break down the walls to realize another way.

How can I be afraid when my sister is bleeding out.

Hiding behind the lies my fathers told

it’s getting old

Pulling the veil away and I won’t wait another day.


Because I believe in the power of the people

and I will walk hand in hand

I will shout till the end

I believe in the power of the people

We will not compromise

We will stand side by side, side by side.


I can’t pretend that I will ever understand

but I’ll bear this weight with you as we lay these demands

at the source of the problem, at the heart of the matter.

Now is the only time to rearrange, make a real change

Hiding behind those lies my fathers told

It’s getting old, pulling the veil away

And I won’t wait another day.


I believe in the power of the people

I will walk hand in hand

I will shout till the end

I believe in the power of the people

We will not compromise

We will stand side by side, side by side.


Lola Kristine: songwriting, vocals, piano, production, video editing

Noah Sherwin: songwriting, backup vocals, production, video

Tom Kendall Hughes: production, mixing, drums, percussion

Ryan Marquez: wurlitzer, organ

Marisa Rambaran: backup vocals

Kelly Hibbert: mastering engineer

Why this song?

This is an original song I wrote for the Black Lives Movement. I think it would fit well on your playlist. Thank you for creating this. - Lola Kristine

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