Thinking and listening

Resolving to engage as a citizen

As Citizen Prejean, yesterday I did another round of calls to my state congresspersons. I expressed intense concern about President Trump’s ban on Muslims, which seems to me to be a direct violation of the Constitution’s Establishment Clause. The Supreme Court’s...

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The imperative to speak out

In my last reflection, I said “I’ll listen.” Now I want to address its counterpoint: “When I become aware of injustice, I’ll speak out.” I cannot witness people suffering because of injustice and simply remain quiet. This is a lifetime learning curve.

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In the aftermath of the elections

This has been an out-of-the-ball-park, stunning presidential election. Forty-two million Americans voted for Donald Trump, a man who during the campaign engaged in the most abusive, divisive, violent, and untruthful rhetoric that I have ever witnessed in American politics… Here’s my question: how deeply must our citizens be hurting, and how desperately must they distrust the current political system to have chosen such an outlier candidate?

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