How to create a death penalty repeal video


Personal stories matter!

Friends, families, classmates and others in your life respond to issues when they become personal. When you create your own video about why you want Louisiana to stop killing its own citizens and share it through your social network, you help make abolition a real possibility.

Here are some guidelines to help you make an easily shareable video.

Guidelines to help you create your video

  • Make it short – 1-minute maximum.

If you have influence in your community or particular insight into the death penalty (parish priest, bishop, lay religious leader, black and Latinx Catholic, police or prosecutor, victim’s family member, family member of someone on death row, other community leader), then your video can be up to 3-minutes maximum.

  • Record the video in portrait orientation (phone help upright in your hand).
  • Make sure your video includes these three key elements:
    1. Why I want Louisiana to end the death penalty.
    2. What I’m doing about it.
    3. How you can do something about it.

Sample script

  1. I believe Louisiana needs to abolish the death penalty now because…[my reasons]
  2. And this is what I’m doing about it…[list actions I’m taking]
  3. Here’s what you can do to help…[actions others can do]

Need some ideas for point A? Check out this page.

Some of the actions you might mention for point B:

  • I’m getting the message out;
  • I’m contacting my state representative;
  • I’m writing to the Governor;
  • I’m contacting the Criminal Justice Administration committee in the Louisiana House;
  • I’m talking to my priest and encouraging him to talk about the need for a consistent pro-life ethic;
  • I’m talking to people in my church.

Some of the actions you can suggest others do to help in point C:

  • Visit to find out how to contact your officials and to learn more about how the death penalty is bad for Louisiana.
  • Talk to members of your parish and to your parish priest.

Once you’re done, be sure to share your video!

Share your video!

Share your video via social media with the hashtags #endLAdeathpenalty and #larepeal

Send a copy of your video to us and we’ll share it on our networks.

The easiest way to send it is using the free WeTransfer service, which lets you send files up to 2 gigabytes for no charge.

Go toWeTransfer, click the “I just want to send files” link and send your video to