Dear Allen,
You’re right, aborting a baby is a terrible "choice"…the alternatives
which you spell out…abstinence, etc. is, of course a preferred
alternative. I want to help women explore those alternatives before
they act.  How many are in desperate circumstances?  Haven’t thought at
all, just do it?  How many feel desperate because they’re all alone, no
one to help them.  These are considerations of compassion.  Not
condoning - just compassion,which seeks practical, concrete
alternatives.  I like your honesty.  Don’t worry about that "P C"
thing.  Cordially, S. Helen

Dear Bill,
Have you read, "Don’t Think of An Elephant" by G. Lakoff (sp?) It’s all
about how we frame an issue.  To frame a consistent life ethic, whether
with A I or anyone will need to be wider, I think, than simply a
woman’s "choice."  Of course, a woman chooses…. but in what context?
What other life issues are involved?  How do we give the unseen
life-on-the-way a voice? Cordially, S. Helen

Dear Steve,
Lillie just came home, told me that I missed you by a hair tonight cuz
I’m at her house for supper but you went off early to a bar!!.
  Get off that I-don;t-like-Repub-thing.  I love Republicans as long as
they care about poor people and the voiceless ones, and the common good
- and that sounds like maybe who you are.  Glad you’re journeying
through my books.  Sometimes I step back and say, " This is
incredible…I can’t believe this is happening… Next time, S, when
Lillie invites you, COME! I’d love to meet you in person.
Love, Helen

Dear Rev. Curt,
Pronounce my name Helllllyion… just kidding…. Prejean =
pray-shaun.  Now practice in front of your bathroom mirror!  It’s the
French.  It throws everybody.  Love. S. H.