Richard Glossip is innocent

Richard Glossip is fighting for his life. I firmly believe, as do so many others in Oklahoma and across the country, that Richard is innocent of the crime that sent him to Oklahoma’s death row.

I encourage you to learn the facts about Richard’s story. I also urge you to visit the Richard Glossip website for additional information and media coverage from around the world about Richard’s innocence.

Currently, all executions in Oklahoma have been put on hold because the state has repeatedly botched its lethal injection protocol. But state officials are moving as fast as they can to resume executions. Please follow me on Facebook so that you will know immediately if Richard needs your voice raised to help him live.

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Read more about the case

The Intercept has followed Richard’s story for a long time and has produced a series of in-depth articles on his case and on Oklahoma’s history of botched executions. I encourage you to read them.

All Executions On Hold in Oklahoma Following Last-Minute Stay for Richard Glossip


Liliana Segura, Jordan Smith — Oct. 3 2015

The attorney general sought an indefinite stay on executions to solve problems with Oklahoma's lethal drugs. Meanwhile, doubts linger over the state's official account.

With Last-Minute Stay, Richard Glossip Execution Blocked - Again


Liliana Segura, Jordan Smith — Sep. 30 2015

In a dramatic and wholly unexpected move, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin halted the execution of Richard Glossip on Wednesday, citing “last-minute questions” about the lethal injection protocol the state planned to use to kill him.

Why Is Oklahoma So Eager to Kill Richard Glossip?


Liliana Segura — Sep. 29 2015

Following intimidation tactics by the DA against new witnesses, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals denied Glossip’s last attempt to prove his innocence.

The Case Against Richard Glossip Is Crumbling, But He Is Still Scheduled to Die in a Week


Liliana Segura — Sep. 23 2015

On the eve of Richard Glossip's most recent execution date, a new witness came forward with evidence that Glossip was framed.


With Questions Over His Guilt, Court Gives Richard Glossip Two More Weeks To Live


Liliana Segura, Jordan Smith — Sep. 16 2015

An Oklahoma appeals court issued a last-minute stay of execution for Richard Glossip in order to consider new evidence that could prove his innocence.

Time Is Running Out for Richard Glossip


Liliana Segura — Sep. 4 2015

Relatives of the key witness who sent Richard Glossip to die say the state got the wrong story. Yet Oklahoma plans to execute him on September 16.

Oklahoma Prepares to Execute Richard Glossip


Liliana Segura, Jordan Smith — July 9 2015

Richard Glossip, the lead plaintiff in Glossip v. Gross, the Supreme Court decision that legalized a controversial form of lethal injection, now faces death — but he may well be innocent.

Will the Supreme Court Look Behind the Curtain of Lethal Injection?


Liliana Segura — Apr. 30 2015

Seven years after upholding lethal injection the U.S. Supreme Court once again confronts questions about the drugs the state uses in executions.

Death Penalty Dysfunction in 2015


Liliana Segura — Dec. 11 2015

Executions continue to decline across the country, yet 2015 was still a wretched and messy year as far as the death penalty was concerned.

Lethal Injection Problems Lead States to Re-Adopt “Gruesome” Execution Methods


Andrew Jerell Jones — Apr. 24 2015

As a key death penalty case looms before the U.S. Supreme Court, states have turned to the firing squad, electric chair and lethal gas for carrying out executions.