From Richard:

Thank you for your kind offer to field questions. I was a Camaldolese monk for 6 years, which I loved. Then I was an inner-city schoolteacher in New York City. This was the best job ever, except for that I got no writing done. Now I’m finishing up my first book, which has to do with mystical structures in the Bible, as well as the emergence of a more integrated humanity, and Lady Wisdom.

I should mention that while I was in Rome for studies, I began going through what I can only describe as a Dark Night of the Soul. In a way, the Dark Night has been continuing for 16+ years now, although modalities of it have changed.

One of my main spiritual teachers, Bruno Barnhart, passed away a few years ago, and I really haven’t found someone with whom I can discuss the spiritual life.

Would you recommend anyone? Do you conduct spiritual direction?