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Sister Helen Prejean
Sister Helen Prejean
Well, you certainly turned the generosity faucet on full blast for our Giving Tuesday fundraiser! I am humbled by your support, when I know that for most people this has been a difficult year financially, as well as emotionally and physically. We’ve topped $10,500, with donations still coming in this morning.

Our staff usually gathers the day after a fundraiser to write thank you notes/emails. (Griffin gets a pass because he’s in New Mexico). This year, because we’re working remotely, we’re going to be a little tardy with those notes and I apologize in advance. We are truly thankful for each and every gift; they are the life blood of our work.

Sending you some lupin love!

PS. If you missed your chance to donate yesterday, you can make a donation any time at
Sister Helen Prejean
Sister Helen Prejean
Thanks to all of you who've donated to our work today. And an extra round of thanks for those who sent notes along with your donations - we've read every one. 🙂

There's still time to join in on our Giving Tuesday fundraiser if you haven't yet donated. Just go to

As a little thank you, let me share a photo of a goose in the Besthoff Sculpture Garden in New Orleans' City Park. I believe it's keeping its watchful eye on our criminal justice system.
Sister Helen Prejean
Sister Helen Prejean
Today is Giving Tuesday.

Twice a year I come to you to ask for your financial help. Our small team at the Ministry Against the Death Penalty does outsized work, not only directly but also indirectly, acting as a conduit, megaphone and network point for abolitionist organizations, prison reform groups, defense lawyers, and others seeking criminal justice reform. Without your contributions, this work would not be possible.

A couple of people have reported problems donating on that page. If you have trouble donating there, you can donate via Paypal here:
Sister Helen Prejean
Sister Helen Prejean
Please help my work tomorrow, Giving Tuesday. Donations gratefully accepted at The video provides a very quick summary of what we've been doing this year. #givingtuesday
Sister Helen Prejean
Sister Helen Prejean
Sister Helen Prejean
I'll be talking with Christiane Amanpour on PBS tonight about these terrible Federal executions. Amanpour and Company, 11pm Eastern.

Thanks to all of you who donated to our work on Giving Tuesday! As a little thank you, let me share a photo of a goose in the Besthoff Sculpture Garden in New Orleans' City Park. I believe it's keeping its watchful eye on our criminal justice system.

International icons @amandaknox and Sr. @helenprejean headline this year’s international #humanrights conference. Register TODAY for FREE. #StopExecutions

In April, the SCOTUS got rid of non-unanimous jury verdicts. Today, the Court will hear argument about applying this rule retroactively. I pray the Justices will do right by the Constitution and grant relief to those convicted when at least one juror disagreed with the verdict.

As we see more and more breaking news about presidential pardons, remember that this is all happening at the same time that the outgoing Trump administration is rushing to execute as many people as possible right up to the eve of Inauguration Day.

The National Catholic Prayer Breakfast presented AG Barr with an award for “Christlike behavior” on the day between two federal executions that he ordered. Now Barr’s DOJ wants to hurry through five more executions and is willing to use firing squads and poison gas if necessary.

It’s no surprise to me that the Justice Department wants to use firing squads and poison gas to carry out federal executions. This is the callous, brute force mentality of the Trump administration put into the starkest terms.

Today is Giving Tuesday.

Twice a year I come to you to ask for your financial help. Our small team at the Ministry Against the Death Penalty does outsized work.

Death penalty abolitionist @helenprejean remembers fellow activist Bill Pelke, who died earlier this month at 73. "He believed in life and that all human beings could be redeemed," she says.

Trump has expanded execution methods for federal death sentences, including firing squad, electrocution and poison gas. "It's the callous brute force of the mentality of the Trump administration that he just believes he can use force and kill people," says @helenprejean.

A terrible case has been brought to my attention and I need your help.  Without it, on December 12th Brandon Bernard is going to be executed for a crime he participated in as a teenager.

Murder victims’ families need support - counseling, financial assistance, a legal system that actually listens, and more. The death penalty does nothing to address these very real needs and often makes things worse.

“They’re keeping her sane enough to be able to kill her.” Sister @helenprejean, author of “Dead Man Walking,” expresses her outrage about the scheduled federal execution of Lisa Montgomery and others, prior to Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The Trump administration is scheduling multiple federal executions before President-elect Biden’s inauguration, an incredibly unusual move that anti-death penalty campaigner Sister @helenprejean says shows “the complete capriciousness and banality of the death penalty.”

"The irony of pardoning that turkey, it just kills me. We come to absolute power in the hands of very venal frail human beings is what we come to. It’s loud and clear with Trump and Barr.” @helenprejean

Brandon Bernard. Sentenced to death at 18 as an accomplice. Attorneys declined opening statements. Called no witnesses at penalty stage. 11 of 12 jurors were white. 5 of them now don't want death. His prosecutor has called for mercy. Bill Barr wants him executed on Dec. 10. More:

Why does it look like Donald Trump is trying to execute as many people as possible before he is ejected from office?

I'll ask legendary anti-death penalty activist, Sister @helenprejean, on the @MehdiHasanShow tonight.

Live at 7pm ET on The Choice channel on @peacockTV.

The European Union expresses its deep concern over the latest federal death row executions in the United States on 19 November, the first-ever during a presidential transition.

AG Barr just set three more federal execution dates in addition to the two already scheduled in December. The federal government just executed Orlando Hall last night. If Barr gets his way, six people will be executed between Election Day and Inauguration Day. This is a disgrace.

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We have lost one of the anchors of the movement to abolish the death penalty. Bill Pelke passed away yesterday after suffering a heart attack while shoveling snow at his home in Anchorage, Alaska. I will have more to say soon about Bill’s incredible legacy of anti-death penalty activism and advocacy for murder victims’ families, but for now my thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and fellow activists. This is a profound loss for our movement. ...

Robert Fisher was wounded in Vietnam and received a Purple Heart medal from President Lyndon Johnson. Today, Robert is in his seventies, suffering with PTSD and other mental health conditions, and preparing for his third re-trial after years on Pennsylvania’s death row. #veteransday ...

#veteransday ...

I’m deeply saddened to hear that Justice Ginsburg has passed away. She was a trailblazer in the truest sense. I will always treasure the time I spent with her when the Kennedy Center performed the opera of Dead Man Walking a few years ago. Our nation is the poorer for her loss. ...

I have 10 hardcover copies of Kendi’s deeply rewarding “How to be an Antiracist”. If you would like a copy, donate at least $50 to a bail fund of your choice and send your receipt plus mailing address to We’ll send a copy to the first 10 people to do. ...

Want to meet me on a Zoom call AND support a great cause? You can even bring along 3 of your friends! Bid now on @Charitybuzz and help @ACLU_SoCal defend and preserve the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and US laws. Search “Sister Helen Prejean” on Thanks for your support of this incredible organization! ...

This Thursday, I'll be in conversation with Tessie Castillo and Lyle May on Crimson Letters: Voices from Death Row. The topic is "Why is it so hard to hold criminal justice actors - law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges - accountable?" There are three following events. Please join us! Link is in my bio. ...

A Message from Sister Helen’s Staff:
Today is Sr. Helen’s birthday! This past year has been full of surprises and moments of grace. It’s good people like you who share Sr. Helen’s hope to see a world without executions that keep her going. Please share any birthday wishes in the comments and we’ll make sure they get to her.

Here’s some Zoom humor for your enjoyment! ...

Here I am – live from my apartment in New Orleans! My team's got me all set up with Zoom. ...