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Forgiveness and Compassion

Who and what is forgiveable? Are there limits to compassion? What is a consistent ethic of life?

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Death Penalty Myths and Realities

Did you know that executing someone is more costly than keeping them in prison for life? That 80% of executions take place in two counties in the USA? That most executions occur in places where lynchings were common? That by a conservative estimate 1 person in every 25 on death row is innocent?

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Because not everyone can afford a good lawyer, because the police and juries are not infallible, because ambition and politics sometimes outweigh prosecutors’ dedication to the truth, innocent people end up on death row.

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Who Gets Death?

Supposedly it’s the worst of the worst. More often, it’s the poorest of the poor and the most broken of the broken.

Why is it so?

The Voices of Victims' Families

The voices of victims’ families are raised both for and against the death penalty.



Slavery and lynching, mass incarceration and the death penalty. The historical antecedents of our current prison system and of how capital punishment is practiced today cannot be ignored.

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The Arts and Social Change

The arts are sneaky. What we portray in the arts has the power to worm its way into hearts and minds.

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Nuns in the 21st Century

Numbers may be on the decline, but the core, community-centered work continues.

Whither the sisterhood?

Spirituality and Social Justice

Pursuit of the common good… Do unto others… These are tenets of all great spiritual teachings. Does spirituality mandate a call to action?

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Looking in the Mirror

What does the death penalty say about me?

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Are you moved to act? Join with others to end capital punishment in your state, across the nation, or around the world.

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