From Fredrica:

Photo by Asa Rodger on UnsplashSister- thanks for offering yourself up as an ear, but hopefully also as a person who may give hope to change how I handle things (I understand that idea of reframing negatives, but I seem stuck).

I feel so disempowered. I am a public defender and I work exclusively with people with mental health issue. I want to help people who can’t speak for themselves, sometimes literally. here, I can’t do anything. I can’t change the immigration policy. I can’t decide who will be on the supreme court. I can’t provide emotional support to people who are on the receiving end of bad policies. I am afraid for others who may be targeted or victimized, and I am part of a religion that has been on the receiving end of mass annihilation, so dabble in personal fear, as well. I am a firm believer in the golden rule principle and I cannot believe how far we have strayed from this, and seemingly so quickly.

I try to stand up for others if I see single injustices—bullying, offensive commentary, etc, yet I seem to have lost the ability to do so calmly or rationally—I end up losing control and yelling. I know I am more effective if I can engage in conversation or dialogue, but I seem unable to do so—I get so mad and frustrated.

So… thoughts?  Yes, I’ve adopted lots of senior dogs, bring Gatorade to all the homeless people I see on the way to work in Phoenix, drive older people who can’t see at night to political meetings, etc. I also try to take okay care of myself, but I know I could spend more time reading, exercising and staying off social media.

Thanks. Hope to hear back. I love you and what you have given to the community.