Speaking Engagement Request form


Given and family names of the event contact.
* Zoom modules are centered around the reading of one of Sr. Helen's books, and consist of an introductory 20-minute zoom, journal writing with prompts provided by Sr. Helen, and an hour-long zoom after your class/group has read the book. ** Because of the pandemic, Sr. Helen is not doing in-person events until further notice. If your event is for this year, 2021, it will need to be an online talk.
We like to know this even for virtual events, so Sr. Helen's talk can reflect local context.
The honorarium supports our work to end the death penalty and push for criminal justice reform, and is our main source of funding. We suggest a minimum honorarium of $500 for Zoom talks and $500-$1000 for Zoom modules. For in-person talks Sr. Helen usually receives between $2500-$10,000, plus fares and accommodation. Fees are always negotiable - please talk with Sr. Margaret Maggio to determine what works for your group.
We recommend Dead Man Walking for most schools and colleges; River of Fire for faith-based groups.
For example, for schools, let us know what type of class/course of study. More generally, you might want Sr. Helen to focus on a particular area, such as racial injustice, or spiritual activism.

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