The last post I wrote was a clarification about the ad that ran in the New York Times on August 3. If you
haven’t read it yet, please look at it. This post will make a lot more sense to you then, and keep me from
having to rehash it. Suffice it to say, the next time I sign an ad I will make sure that
I am allowed to scrutinize the final copy before publication.

But keeping our eyes on the prize, I’m glad
that I publicly called for the removal of G.W. Bush because of the many
atrocities he’s committed:

  • his reckless pursuit of war in Iraq;
  • his approval of
  • his zealous promotion of imprisonment and executions (I take him on in
    my book, Death of Innocents; on his
    watch as Governor of Texas 152 people were killed in the state’s death chambers);
  • his
    fiscal policies, which make wealthy people wealthier and poor people poorer
    (during the years of his administration poverty in the U.S. rose 17%).

I will continue to find ways to stand up
publicly to remove Bush and his administration. There are a number of efforts to impeach him and an initiative I’ve
gotten wind of to bring him before the International Criminal Court for crimes
against humanity (anybody know more about this?).

For me, speaking out, is a matter of spiritual integrity. I cannot remain silent and passive in the
face of the terrible human suffering Bush is causing.

As Gandhi used to say: we must do what integrity
demands regardless of whether or not our actions are ‘successful’.