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To request a speaking engagement

Sister Helen speaks to schools and colleges, faith-based groups, legal organizations, education conferences and other groups about the death penalty and about the need to “get religion right”.

Zoom Modules

Sr. Helen is also offering special Zoom modules, tailored both for schools and for other organizations wishing to build an event centered around the reading of one of Sr. Helen’s books (Dead Man Walking, The Death Of Innocents, River of Fire). Each module consists of:

  • a 20-minute introductory zoom, where Sr. Helen introduces the book to the participants and gives them some context;
  • class/group reading of the book, while keeping a journal (with a list of journal prompts provided by Sr. Helen);
  • a final hour-long Zoom with Sr. Helen, fueled by the participants own questions.

To organize a speaking event or Zoom module with your organization, please fill in our Speaking Request form.

2021 COVID-19 Update

Until further notice, all Sister Helen’s talks will be via Zoom (or another online platform). She will not be doing in-person speaking engagements.

We want to assure you that, even remotely, Sr. Helen’s talks are a very special event, and the feedback from the online talks she has given has been universally positive.