I ask your support for Manuel Ortiz, who will have hearings on innocence in a Louisiana court on Feb. 5 and 6th.

I’ve been accompanying Manuel on his harrowing journey on death row for ten years and am firmly convinced of his innocence. He’s been occupying a death cell for 15 years. At last, because of stalwart, courageous, unrelenting work of defense lawyer, Nick Trenticosta, and investigator, Susanna Herrera, and Manuel’s own efforts to obtain FBI records, we may have the right stuff to show  that Manuel is, in fact, innocent of hiring a man to kill his ex-wife.

If you want to write to him, he could use the support:

Manuel Ortiz
349580 Death Row
Louisiana State Prison
Angola, LA 70712

I’ll report back after the hearings. Thanks for caring about justice and human rights.

Sister Helen