Here it is August and I’ve been in the writing cave since June. I always underestimate what writing a book entails.

“River” tells of the spiritual journey that brought me to death row, which is about my coming to grips with real Christianity and what it entails. I mean the radical inclusivity, embracing and fighting for the despised ones, the ones mainstream society shuns and abhors and terminates without batting an eye.

Believe me, it’s an interesting experience to witness my own soul searching and growing toward a more authentic life and to see the threads way,way back in childhood of myself-me. Like the confidence I had from the beginning from all the good, lavish love of my Mama and how she’d be rocking me to sleep and feel me relax, my head under her arm like a chick under a ma chicken’s wing, and she’d start to get up to put me in my bed and hear from under her arm the command: “Rock!”