• Truly hopeful: In Virginia last week, I met Tyson Daniel, a capital defense lawyer. 12 capital cases went to trial, 0 death penalties. #
  • To date, Virginia has been one of the killingest states, 2nd to Texas. Now, VA hasn’t had an execution in 4 years, with 30 on death row. #
  • They’re shutting executions down using the Colorado method: work with the juries all the way from the voir dire. #
  • @ericagee It’s also to help jury recognize the bent of the constitution is towards life; must have an extraordinary reason to choose death. #
  • This approach helps counterbalance the terrible bias caused by the automatic exclusion of any juror who says they oppose the death penalty. #
  • All juries on death penalty cases must be "death approved". Doesn’t that seem unfair? That juries are loaded with DP supporters? #