• I’m back from a summer of writing. Also got to speak at the wonderful Interfaith Gathering of the DNC in Denver. http://www.dpdiscourse.org #
  • I explained how the practice of death penalty has paved the way to abuses of human rights in Abu Ghraib & torture of suspected terrorists. #
  • One reason I want Obama for president… #
  • …I trust he’ll nominate Supreme Court justices who care about international law, and who care for poor people and minorities. #
  • @kariapeterson Thank you. I’m looking forward to some real change. #
  • I’ve been thinking about Troy Davis, about to be executed in Georgia. His life is in the hands of the Supreme Court. #
  • 7 of 10 eyewitnesses have recanted, admitting they lied about Troy being the killer. And yet this court may let Troy die anyway. #
  • Why? Because they’ll say - as they have before - his lawyers should have filed the appeal earlier. This court lets procedure trump justice. #
  • @jokeefetrigg Great to see your tweets, too, jene. #