• I now have an easy-to-remember Facebook page name: http://facebook.com/SisterHelenPrejean. #
  • I also have a “personal” page on Facebook. Its address is http://www.facebook.com/sisterhelen. Anyone else find profiles & pages confusing? #
  • Hearings are being held in California today about proposed changes to execution protocols to allow executions to resume after 3-year hiatus. #
  • I say to California officials: Keep the window to the death chamber open. Make the torture and killing transparent. http://bit.ly/nYBvW #
  • @emtekolste I am currently visiting an innocent man in Angola. Manuel Ortiz. 16 years on death row and counting for a crime he didn’t do. #
  • @sacredactivist Death Penalty Focus of CA has ideas for action around re-priming of state’s death engines. http://www.deathpenalty.org #