Yes on 34 Tour

Yes on 34Sister Helen Prejean will be in California the first week of October speaking about Proposition 34, the SAFE California Act, which will replace California’s death penalty with a sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole as the maximum punishment for murder.

We’re still finalizing the speaking schedule, but we already have a number of confirmed dates in San Bernardino, Redlands, San Diego, Orange, Santa Monica and South Pasadena. We’ll bring you the details of events in Los Angeles and additional events in other venues as soon as we have them.

At many of these events Sister Helen will be speaking alongside Magdaleno Rose-Avila, the Executive Director of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. Magdaleno and Sister Helen have worked side by side to end the death penalty for many years and, as anyone who knows these two can attest, they make a dynamite speaking combo.

Please click the Yes on 34 button on this page to visit the Yes on 34 campaign website.

Click any of the flyers below to see the details of these events and please feel free to print out any of the flyers and pass them around or post them where others will see them!

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